Talha Rahman is a Regional Sales Coordinator. He's the guy with the plan, jokes, motivation and the leadership of our team. He's been with Aflac for almost 6 years.

Talha says that this is the position for him because he wants to make a difference. When he was first starting out, he didn't see his true potential. In his region, he focuses on training and makes sure that his team has everything they need in order to succeed. Talha wants to make everyone realize their potential. His role models made a big impact on him and he wants to do the same for others.

When he's out of the office, you can usually find him spending time with his wife, Brittany and their two daughters, Karoleena and Layla. He's an undercover Lego nerd and is constantly building Lego structures for his daughters.

Without effort, all goals are just dreams.


Charles Cravings is a District Sales Coordinator that has worked for Aflac for 5 years. During his free time, he enjoys playing poker, reading, and bringing out his inner chef through different home-style dishes. In fact, Charles can make his own BBQ sauce from scratch! What Charles enjoys the most about working with Aflac is the uncapped paycheck and the work-life balance.
David Hernandez is a District Sales Coordinator that has been with Aflac for 12 years and it seems the job found him. David was leaving a job interview at another company when Steve Johnson struck up a conversation with him. The opportunity to have residual income and dress sharp at work piqued his interest.
Cameron Bell is a Broker District Sales Coordinator. He has been with Aflac for nearly 13 years. He loves going to Las Vegas with his wife and watching LAFC soccer matches.
Stephanie Galloway is an Alfac District Sales Coordinator that moved to Los Angeles from Boise, Idaho in 2005. She is a gym enthusiast and loves to have a morning exercise before work. What she loves the most about Aflac is the people within the organization, and the positive impact someone can have on people’s lives.
Mykisha is a 6 year District Sales Coordinator. She says that the position "spoke to the part of me that loves to be of service, as well as the idea that I could forge my own path. During her free time, she loves to travel and express herself through the arts of writing and cooking. Mykisha also used to run her own catering company! 
Joshua Schneeloch is a Regional Broker Coordinator, who began his insurance business development career when he moved to the US from Germany. Joshua is an inspirational, energetic leader who is passionate about helping brokers, agents, and general agencies.