“Better with Talha” Starts A New Tradition

Laughter, joy, and love. All those things and more that made this Valentine’s Day so special. Better with Talha chose to surprise four families this Valentine’s Day and give each child a gift; a pair of new shoes. The four families are from Brotherhood Crusade, one of the organizations we’ve had relations with when we partnered for our Christmas Toy Drive. Their mission is to help any individuals overcome the barriers that deter the pursuit of success in life and provide them the resources that are going to put them in a better quality of life.

A conversation of, “I don’t have a pair of basketball shoes,” with one of the kids sparked the idea of Talha and his team. The Valentine’s Day event marks the first year ever, and it was a great success. The responses from each of the families were just pure and something that stuck very profoundly to each individual.

Better with Talha plans to start this tradition and continue this shoe drop every year. Seeing the kids of these beloved families grow up through the years and create a bond that is so deeply rewarding to us.


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