COVID-19 Update

Your safety and well-being are our highest priorities. As we are all pausing social events and activities, now is the perfect time to think about the next chapter in your career.

Better with Talha wants to be supportive, especially during this hard and strange time, in which the unemployment rate is so high. We are here to help! Better with Talha offers new opportunities and room for you to grow. Now is the perfect time to schedule a virtual meeting with us. Here at Aflac, our team will work with your interests and goals to find a way for you to succeed. Opportunities are not limited to administrative, recruiting, managers positions, and benefit agents positions. To schedule an online meeting, please go to the career page or email our Head Recruiter, Anja Woodland at

Furthermore, it is also the most suitable time to talk about benefits. If you are interested in Aflac products, please don’t hesitate to schedule a meeting with you.

We encourage you to keep connected with your families and friends! Stay safe and healthy!


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